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Restaurants Feed London campaign from The Felix Project is helping to fight the city’s hunger crisis

A man wearing a green t shirt featuring the logo of The Felix Project hands a lettuce to a visitor from a table full of colourful, healthy looking food items. They are both smiling

We’ve been hard at work supporting our pro bono client, The Felix Project, with the launch of its Restaurants Feed London campaign.

There are 1.2 million adults in London living in food insecurity, the cost-of-living in the city has risen by 24% over the past three years and around 100,000 families have less than £3 a day to spend on food. The problem is particularly acute in the capital where 40% of children have experienced food insecurity in the last month, compared to a national average of 29%.

It’s against this backdrop that The Felix Project, London’s largest food rescue charity, conceived Restaurants Feed London in 2023. Last summer the Felix Project raised enough funds to provide 91,000 meals across the city. This year, the charity is aiming to do even more and deliver over 250,000 meals for those most in need. We’re proud to be doing what we can to help make that a reality with targeted media relations support for the campaign.

Restaurants Feed London starts on World Hunger Day on 28th May and runs for 9 weeks. Every restaurant that signs up to the campaign will include an optional £1 donation on bills to help fund the distribution of high-quality, nutritious food to over 1,000 community organisations and 170 schools. Every £100 collected will provide 290 meals for Londoners.

With a media launch targeting hospitality press, we’ve already seen huge interest in the campaign, and widespread coverage.

The need is immediate: 1 in 4 working London parents struggle to afford to feed their families, and The Felix Project has over 600 organisations on its waiting list to receive food.

So, watch this space for news of campaign progress. And, if you’re a restaurant and you are interested in signing up then email Emma Burns, Corporate Partnership Manager at The Felix Project, at

Everyone else – look out for participating venues this summer and do your bit by donating.

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