Just Education is an exciting start-up with big ambitions to shake up the way the school supply staff recruitment market works. The team brought us on board at a point when they were planning for fast growth. They launched at a time when lack of funding for schools and pay for teachers was never far from the headlines. They had an existing website which they felt didn't make the impact they needed, and little visibility in social or traditional media.

We worked with the team to understand what sets them apart from competitors. The Just Education platform makes recruitment more efficient and fairer for schools and staff alike. By cutting extortionate agency fees, Just Education has found a way to save schools money, and simultaneously pay teachers more.

Our fresh, colourful design for the new website puts teachers, schools and pupils at the heart of what Just Education does, and our new copy pushed their key message that with them, schools pay less, but staff earn more.

We planned an ongoing communications campaign to roll out after the launch of the website, designed to support Just Education's key priorities: signing up more schools and supply teachers across the country