There is no doubt that technology has revolutionised marketing, introducing greater automation, customer targeting and increasing brands' ability to publish and share their own content. Across B2B and B2C sectors, more businesses than ever are using content marketing to get their message out to increasingly savvy consumers.

And done well, it works. But the side effect is an explosion of second rate content and ineffective noise. Just because you can publish, does not mean you should. Unless your material is genuinely informative and ruthlessly focused to your target audience, you risk wasting your valuable time and budget.

Having worked directly with the media for over 16 years we bring the cynical eye of the outside world to bear on all of our clients' marketing campaigns to make sure they stand out and work in the real world. Our mantra is to do less but make it better. We focus on creating campaigns that have real impact on the bottom line.

If you need to increase the headcount at your seminar programme or create an e-newsletter that is actually read, we can help. If your content strategy needs an overhaul to make it really support business objectives, then let us take a look. Or, if you're looking for a root and branch review of your marketing activity, we will bring real world insights and creative ideas that turn marketing plans into business realities.