23 June 2014

Farrer Kane - on the move

We've just moved to our new home in Clerkenwell. Please update your records with our new contact information:

Farrer Kane

40 Bowling Green Lane

London EC1R 0NE

Tel: 020 7415 7154

This is a part of London with a long and proud of history of subversion, of 'otherness,' and radicalism, a part of its identity which appealed to us.

Lying just outside the boundary of the City, Clerkenwell was a place for those who thought differently. From the Lollards of the 14th century who challenged the established church, to the followers of John Wesley's Methodist movement in the 18th century, and the political agitators of the Chartist movement in the 19th century, these streets have drawn people who did not see the world the same way everyone else, and had the desire to change it.

We like Clerkenwell's story. It appeals to us because Farrer Kane is different too. We set up the business because we knew that there was a more creative and honest way to do corporate PR, an approach that would be very different to the one many of our contemporaries take. We like that it reflects our desire to work closely with our clients, but always with the eye of an outsider. To be the 'critical friend' who is committed to their success, but unafraid to ask the difficult questions and look at their business from a fresh angle.

One year on we have found a place to call home and begun our own revolution.