14 May 2021

It's Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

Like many companies we've spent many of the last 14 months working remotely, our team scattered not just across London, but all over the country. Though we've been far apart physically, it's felt that the experiences we have all been going through collectively have made it easier to open up conversations that would perhaps not usually happen so readily. Checking in on each other, making sure we're all getting through.

This is a good thing. Our mental health is of course, as important, as valid, as our physical health and it's right that we take the time to look after ourselves and each other.

The theme of this year's Mental Health Awareness Week is nature. The Mental Health Foundation has been promoting the message that nature has an important role to play in supporting good mental health. Whether it's a walk in the park, looking after a houseplant that brings us a splash of green every day, or even just taking the time to glance out of the window and watch the leaves shifting in the wind - it can all make a difference.

This Mental Health Week, we're sharing some glimpses of the slices of nature that have buoyed our spirits over recent weeks and months (visit us @farrerkane on Instagram to have a look), and we've been making a conscious effort to pause and appreciate the beauty around us.

Visit the Mental Health Foundation website for tips on how to bring nature into your life.