12 June 2015

Mac Connor: A New York Life

At Farrer Kane we always look to find the perfect intersection of words and images, and one man who remains a master of this is McCauley 'Mac' Conner.

It is rare that one person can be said to have shaped how we view a generation, yet his captivating illustrations of post-war America are defining images of the era in which commercial America was born.

One of New York's original 'Mad Men', Conner was central to the influential group of commercial artists who existed at the heart of Manhattan's thriving advertising and publishing scene.

To celebrate his impact on illustration, London's House of Illustration is featuring over 70 of his original works for their Spring exhibition, running from 1st April through to 28th June, in Mac Conner: A New York Life. This is the first time the work of one of New York's original advertising greats has been the subject of a major exhibition in the UK, and so Farrer Kane had to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to refresh our creative inspiration.

With works spanning from the 1940's through to the 1960's, the exhibition follows Conner's progression through editorial and advertising illustration, as he negotiates the fluctuating trends and ideals of a burgeoning consumer population.

Focusing on the timeless human infatuations of love, lust and family - almost always including the presence of a beautiful woman - he manages to convey emotions that range from the traumatically apparent to the quietly nuanced.

For more information or to book tickets, find the House of Illustration website here.