06 June 2018

What to expect in your first role in PR

With the end of the academic year fast approaching, once again we're on the look-out for the best graduate talent to join our fast-growing team at Farrer Kane. What is it like to step into your first role in PR? For anyone considering making that leap into a career in the communications industry, we thought it might be useful to hear first-hand the experience of one of our latest hires. Over to Sophie Woollands who joined us six months ago…

My role

Reflecting on my first six months in PR with Farrer Kane, it has been whirlwind of new experiences: an introduction to a huge range of client types and a fascinating insight into new sectors.

Straight away, I began to work alongside my account teams, which are usually made up of three to four other team members from various levels of the agency. I help to develop and implement brand building campaigns and copywriting projects. Working across primarily legal and property accounts, I've gained a great deal of sector insight, whilst also being exposed to financial services and consumer clients on short term project work.

The content of each of these accounts varies hugely, but this has been a wonderful start to my career as I've gained exposure to a range of industries, clients and types of media, including national and trade, and print, online and broadcast. Working alongside senior professionals who are specialists in both the media and our clients' sectors means that every day I'm guided through new situations by experts. I am constantly learning, and strengthening and diversifying my skillset, whether that's generating new campaign topics with clients in face-to-face meetings, writing copy in the office or liaising with clients over the phone to generate commentary to breaking news.

The best bits

Working alongside a team of like-minded and ambitious individuals creates a fantastic and motivating office environment. Each day presents new experiences and, when walking into the office every morning, you have to be ready to deal with the day's news agenda. Working with industry thinkers, movers and shakers is fascinating and working closely with your clients' in-house communications and senior management teams, you quickly become heavily invested and want to go the extra mile to deliver results for them.

Lessons I've learnt

Being able to learn new skills every day and then apply them to an entirely new situation the next day is key, and means that you are constantly developing. Each week brings a new challenge and by being thrown in at the deep end to work alongside senior professionals on fascinating projects, Farrer Kane has offered me the best kick-start to my career. Whether it's working quickly to react to high-profile court cases or Government announcements to place my client's comments in the national media, communicating with senior individuals from a range of businesses in meetings and calls, or sitting in on a client strategy planning work-shop, no two days are the same. Thinking on your feet and working in a team to respond to breaking news and client demands means that 'work' never feels like work.

On reflection

For a self-proclaimed planner, stepping out into the unknown and starting a completely new career, after a few years at university and travelling was a somewhat daunting prospect. However, six months down the line, that feels like a distant memory. At Farrer Kane I have learnt from, and been supported by, the senior team every step of the way and instantly felt like I had been part of the team for months. Bring on the next six months…