03 October 2013

Who is your Director of Imagination?

The politicians tell us the economy has finally turned a corner. They may be right, but times are still tricky. The long financial downturn has been a challenge for everyone, large corporates as well as the smaller players. Those still standing, the survivors, have often pursued the prudent, traditional course: cost cutting, and a return to core activities. Horizons inevitably shrinking, as belts are drawn in.

Straitened times, though, can be an impetus for massive creativity. The Great Depression of the 1930s inspired innovations across a multitude of sectors that gifted the struggling USA with inventions from the electric razor to the car radio, and the UK with a boom in civic building and the birth of the modern High Street.

We don't yet know how history will view this particular downturn, but harnessing that kind of fertile, entrepreneurial spirit can go a long way to helping your business through it. Your communication is a field where trying a fresh approach, adapting new technologies in an original way that really works for your business, getting creative, will set you apart.

Imagination is the only limit to the variety of ways you can connect with your clients and customers. Whether it's clever initiatives with social media, making the most of video technology or navigating how traditional print will best work for you, we can help. Talk to us, expand your horizons.