Step 2: Process with passion

Do you like to think of yourself as 'process driven?' Thought not. We're a little bit different. Planning well, with an open mind and a practical hand is a passion of ours. Yes, it's a process - but a creative one. Each time, it's like seeing a target market through completely fresh eyes.

If you're confident about who you need to reach then we're half way there. If not, we'll help you break it down - and then work out how to put your name right at the heart of what those people read, watch and listen to. It's about matching the right message, to the right audience, through the right channels.

Yes, sometimes it's tempting to skip over the 'boring' bit, move on to the big, glitzy ideas. But for us that would be like only eating the icing on a cake - you then miss out on all the great filling...

Farrer Kane. Creativity with a core.