Step 4: Start spreading the news... 24 hours a day

There is no magic formula to deliver results.

If you're looking for an agency it's probably because you want to boost your profile in the media, create some interesting new content for social or otherwise help start conversations with people who will be good for your business - right?

We can do all of that (and more). What lots of agencies won't tell you is that there is no magic formula to deliver those results. Yes, it's about applying creative ideas alongside industry knowledge - but beyond that it's really about hard work. At Farrer Kane everyone from founders and directors down - rolls their sleeves up and gets stuck in. Relentlessly chasing down every opportunity for clients, week after week.

That's why we're not one of those agencies filled with would-be management consultants. Getting the theory right is important but even the very best strategy doesn't implement itself. We're proud to be 'do-ers,' each and every one of us.

Farrer Kane. Thinkers AND do-ers.