Working in a sector plagued with a questionable reputation and the mistrust of the public, many personal injury firms try to differentiate themselves as ethical and honest. A lot of them are happy to throw money at the problem, and tackle it with big spend on TV or pay-per-click advertising.

Spencers wanted a different approach. So we created a cost effective media campaign that positioned them as trusted, ethical experts in their sector, 'showing', not just 'telling' what they had to offer.

We looked at their work place injuries practice and tackled it sector by sector, finding news hooks with opportunities for expert commentary - like our work around head injuries in sport during the World Cup, our outreach to the education sector, linked to figures on asbestos use in school buildings and our campaign about the effects of silica dust on construction workers.

We worked alongside the firm's social media team to develop a steady stream of highly shareable content for the Spencers blog and Twitter feed, spotting where they could demonstrate their expertise on compelling consumer issues like cycle safety and fraudulent claims.