Beyond Pills Campaign – One Year On

When the College of Medicine Beyond Pills Campaign launched in 2022 it received widespread media coverage, generating a platform to build public awareness of the physical, psychosocial and financial costs to the nation of overprescription of drugs in primary care.

One year on, the Campaign has made significant strides. However, there is particular concern about the continuing overprescription of dependence-forming drugs such as antidepressants and benzodiazepines for mental health problems, z-drugs for insomnia, and gabapentinoids and opioids for pain; coupled with a lack of appropriate services to support patients withdrawing from them.

With an increase in mental health problems post the pandemic, the current cost-of-living crisis and lack of funding for charities and voluntary groups exacerbating the issues, the Beyond Pills Campaign is campaigning for an integrated approach to healthcare for this sector.

This year’s Whole-Person Health Conference saw leading doctors, pharmacists, politicians and patients convene to address the ongoing problems, marking the start of a new phase of the campaign.

Now more than ever, media exposure and public awareness is needed to address the universal lack of services available to patients who have been harmed by the drugs prescribed to them, and we are delighted the Beyond Pills Campaign has brought us back on board to help develop an integrated PR campaign for them.

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